Avoiding the Virus

As it’s a vascular disease, I’m not sure there’s an organ in the body that it can’t damage.


That recommendation is wild considering the role of asymptomatic spread.

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First, and maybe most importantly, best wishes - hope you avoided it!

Second, an anecdote. A friend had a coworker bring it into the office and in the subsequent two weeks ten coworkers tested positive. Can’t be certain about the source or how analogous the conditions in his office were to yours, but extended time indoors with someone, regardless of masks, is high risk.

In the US this was handled so differently - there was no contact tracing. Patient zero just told his boss he had tested positive a few days later and everyone else who’d been in went and got tested. So…no oversight like Canada has (worse) but tests are more available based on exposure (better).

Of the 10 subsequent positives 5 were completely asymptomatic, 4 were in the cold to mild flu range, and 1 is currently hospitalized. The asymptomatic ones are the terrifying reason why here in the US, with our complete lack of central contact tracing, we have seen one huge prolonged spike

I think that’s for everywhere. COVID has definitely put the strengths and flaws of every country’s chosen health care system on display. And yeah, the asymptomatic ones actually do terrify me, cuz ya never know who/what/when/where! It’s not about dying, I’m kinda ok with that, it’s about the possibility of having my insides — and future quality of life — put through a meat grinder.

And speaking of quality of life…FTP test today! Woot!


EASTERN Canada is now in its umpteenth lockdown. >60% of the country’s population in a state of emergency. Crazy.

Wonder just how many months 2020 will eventually end up having. :thinking:

*edit: changed sides of country.

The Dutch government extended the current lockdown until mid February. They didn’t rule out imposing curfews, which would be a first AFAIK.
Also absolutely no traveling until at least spring.
The government seems pretty scared of that new highly infectious strain.

We are lockdown but with a stay at home order. If you can work from home you must work from home.

It is kind of crazy here as I tend to see people following protocols but obviously there are a lot that are not.

Across the river, Quebec has an 8pm curfew. So how do you deal with a curfew and its restrictions.

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Tell me about it - we have a curfew from 20h00 to 5h00 every night.

Not that it has any impact on me - I’m working from home and have no social life left, so who cares, right?

We do the in-company contact tracing ourselves for each case we have, Canada and US locations - before testing is even done. Anyone waiting for a test or result stays home. That’s the minimum one can do to protect the other employees (and the business itself).

To further the point, in probably all countries, each region handled it differently. For example, Alberta (Texas North) simply gave up on contact tracing because the majority of citizens were refusing to cooperate with the tracers. Their downfall was the people themselves, not the healthcare system.


Speaking of crazy people, a quasi-update on my work situation. Friday night the Clerk sent out a mass email informing everyone there was a positive case within the building. Minutes later, and all weekend, the department head was inundated with emails accusing him and his staff of not following health protocols and brining the virus into the building. He was livid, to say the least.

Same type of behaviour towards Asians in early 2020.

Sure hope the rampant lunacy/idiocy goes back in the closet when all this is over with. My outlook on people at large is growing dim. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Germany & France change mask mandate to medical grade…

I’m still baffled by the fact that it is still difficult to get N95 / KN95 masks here in the US. it has been 10 months and still healthcare workers are reusing / using masks too long and there is a short supply.

I have found a reliable online supplier and can occasionally find them in Lowe’s, but the model / brand changes regulalry. I found one brand that I really liked…over the head straps, longer side cuts to prevent “bowing out” of the mask and a foam piece under the nose bridge for a better fit. Bought one pack of 5 but can’t find them again now.

A cloth mask is obviously better than nothing, but we should all be using N95 / KN95 now. And just wearing a neck gaiter ain’t cutting it, folks.

A couple months ago I found a study (CDC website) that found 12- layer cloth masks were equivalent to N95.

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Interesting…did they give any examples of “12 layer” cloth masks?

Yup. No problem for the wealthiest nation on the planet to achieve triple-digit firearm manufacturing growth, but pumping out masks? Whew! That’s a mighty tall order! Apparently the capacity to kill people is more vital to the nation than the capacity to save people.

I can’t easily find the study or a link to it.

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While I understand your point from an emotional / priorities level, that is a bit of a false equivalency…firearm manufacturers are not capable of producing N95 masks. So they aren’t choosing to produce firearms over masks.

That said, the previous administration failed us miserably by not enacting the Defense Production Act towards producing medical grade masks. I sincerely hope the current administration addresses this…if not, I will be equally critical of them.

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Chu et al, 2020 did a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies (using frequentist, Bayesian meta-analysis, and random effects meta-regressions) to look at the impact of physical distancing, masks, and eye protection. Their analysis was limited to studies of coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV). They did not identify any randomized controlled trials. They found any masks (N95, medical mask, or 12-16 layer cotton) reduced risk of infection (unadjusted n=10,170, RR 0.34, 95% CI 0.26-0.45; adjusted studied n=2647, aOR 0.15, 95% CI 0.07-0.34) when compared to no mask. When only medical or 12-16 layer cotton masks were compared with no mask, the protective effect was diminished but persisted (aOR 0·33, 95% CI 0·17–0·61). There was no comparison of medical masks to cotton masks. When only the 3 community-based studies were included, masks remained protective (RR 0.56, 95% CI 0.40-0.79). Using the GRADE category of evidence, the findings were deemed to be of low certainty. This study was limited by the observational nature of the studies included which are subject to significant bias.

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Ya I think that’s the one I started with, pdf here:

Not sure it says what I wrote above.

Hard to say if it’s due to Xmas/New Year period + 2-3 weeks and/or to 2 weeks of tighter lockdowns and curfew, but we’ve peaked in cases/day after the first week of January, and see a nice down-slope in new cases since then. Hospitalizations peaked a week later, and are also on a down-slope since 2 weeks now. Daily deaths are starting to show a downward inflexion as well. As observed in other places, hospitalizations lag a week behind cases, and deaths 2 weeks behind.

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