Avoiding the Virus

I’ve got a good one: less than 24-hours after our new mandates were rolled out, esp. the ‘no gatherings of any size; no gathering with people outside your household’, there was a group of 20 police from across the province who all went into the restaurant located in the same building as the Health Minister and the Provincial Health Officer.

I guess cops are exempt from following the law and immune from contracting and/or spreading the virus.


Rule makers and breakers (CA senator and governor), now that’s a good one. Do as I say not as I do. Ruling elite.

CA 10pm to 5am curfews? Here in the state capital the local news is asking for the science, because our rule maker/breaker governor has people wondering if there is any behind the curfew. People honestly don’t understand why this summer you could go to the dentist or hair stylists, but not an esthetician to get a Brazilian bikini wax.

“Essential” vs aesthetic.

Unfortunately, much of the current culture deems aesthetics to be essential.

Kinda like the people occupying the WH, you mean? You know, the guy who had to be taken to Walter Reed and given experimental drugs and who gasped “am I going to go out like, Stan?” The ones whose grandkids got kicked out of their school because they wouldn’t follow the rules? The ones who have hosted two super-spreader events directly causing over 50 documented cases?

I have nothing but disdain for what Feinstein and Newsome did, but seems weird to be only be calling them out when there have been no cases linked to their behavior.

Come on silly, covid comes from Wuhan bats, and bats are nocturnal. Stands to reason that the virus is a nocturnal predator. Hence a curfew. Doh.


As weird as singling out Trump, who has little to do with the vast majority of laws and executive orders that I’m asked to live by in CA. You and others have covered Trump, why not the others? Why isn’t the New York governor being held responsible for sending all the infected elderly back to nursing homes? Why is your local major in the Windy City not called out more for going to a hairstylist? So many questions.

The political elite don’t see what the rest of us see:

or they simply don’t care :man_shrugging:


Again, it is about more than behavior. You won’t find me defending ANY politician who doesn’t lead by example in re: to COVID. For example, while I think our governor has done an admirable job during this whole schitt show, during a press conference he would not confirm what his Thanksgiving plans were, even though there were reports that his family was already in FL.

No, fook that…the only answer is “we will be having Thanksgiving at home with our immediate family. We encourage all those in Illinois to do the same”. I have no problem calling BS on JB for that.

But look at the actual damage caused by Trump and his acolytes…how many cases is he directly responsible for, let alone the havoc he wreaked from his rallies.

There is simply no comparison. None.


I heard Fauci talking about his plans, and it was Zoom thanksgiving dinner with his kids calling in. Seemed very sensible.


Seems like we are going to be allowed to do what we want from the 22-28th because we know that people won’t follow it.

I think late Q3 or Q4 of 2021 will be when things start to return to normal in the US

The primary unknown about the vaccines in their current state is whether they are preventing infection entirely or significantly reducing infection severity. The secondary unknown is the duration of the protection offered by the various vaccines.

The first point is relevant because, frankly, most of us on this forum won’t be eligible for a vaccine until pretty late in the cycle. We’re relatively healthy, relatively young, and relatively likely to be ok if we get infected. If the vaccines only mitigate symptoms - that’s still terrific! However, as a non-vaccinated person you might actually become more likely to be exposed in this interim period. An increasing number of people will be vaccinated and may be walking around with asymptomatic cases. Hopefully the vaccines, or at least some of them, will fully prevent infections or prevent spread while infected and this won’t be a consideration

The second point’s relevance is fairly self explanatory, but if the duration of protection (which will surely vary based on vaccine) ends up being relatively short, then multiple doses will be required - potentially quarterly, annually, who knows.

The reason I mention all of this is that, completely aside from the frightening spike in cases we’re seeing right now, I think too many people (in my general life, not so much in this thread) see the vaccine progress as a panacea. It is worth understanding that it is only the beginning of the end. Even with a fully successful vaccine (full protection from infection, lifetime duration) we won’t have fully vaccinated (70%+) the population until sometime in 2022, although in developed countries we will likely hit that number soon enough that life returns to normal just in time for a normal holiday season in 2021.

Some really disappointing news for my family…my wife ws diagnised 2.5 years ago w/ MS. She is about to switch her primary treatment drug due a heightened risk of PML (deadly brain infection) from her current treatment.

Looks like that drug will lessen the effectiveness of the vaccine…so we either keep her on her current treatment until she gets the vaccine with the heightened risk or we gamble on her getting the virus.

Really, really frustrating and deeply concerning. No good answer.


I was correct :grin:

Great news. we are getting closer to the end of all this.
Also they mention the company has a no-profit pledge for the vaccine. Is this the same for the other drug makers? :thinking:


Definitely good news…and unlike the other two vaccines so far, it is NOT based on a mRNA platform.

Can also be refrigerated for easier transport.


The az vaccine also looked at the efficacy on asymptomatic patients which the other two didnt

Held responsible, HA! He’s getting an f’n Emmy award for his briefings.

BTW, NY has highest number of deaths in the US and the 2nd highest deaths per capita. But my gawd, did you see those PowerPoint presentations… amazing! :rofl: