Autoswitch smart trainer mode in workout mode

I follow my own training plan based on training peaks optimised intervals from WKO. Typically this will involve pick and mix selection of existing trainer road workouts, perhaps altering the workout intensity to match my needs or occasionally creating my own in workout creator. I usually workout in ERG mode, this can cause a problem in a high intensity workout (say FRC intervals) where I may fail an interval before the completing the number planned. For these maximum effort intervals it may have be beneficial to continue the intervals despite dropping power (as these are still maximum albeit fatigued maximum). It would be useful to be able to set the trainer into slope mode just before each of these intervals, allowing warm up, cool down and any endurance work at the end to still be controlled by ERG. Could this feature be added to workout creator such that workouts could be created similar to the existing testing protocols?

We have plans to entirely revamp our Workout Creator, but that falls after a few other projects that are a higher priority. For now, if you can use the Windows app you can use the “M” key to toggle trainer modes. On Mac, there should be a dropdown where you can select Slope mode. Otherwise, on the mobile apps for the time being, you’ll need to open your trainer on the Devices page to switch the trainer mode.