AT Training and Shift Work

Long time listener, first time poster.

I’ve been listening to the podcast for a few years now and have picked up a heap of speed and knowledge, but being an amatuer mtb racer in the middle of nowhere I haven’t felt compelled enough to invest in a power meter or trainer. Until now.

I finally had to concede that my work/family schedule is too much to add training on top off. While each work shift is 12hr long, thankfully my work week is locked into the same days every second week.

I commute to work, but to fit it all in it’s a shortest route possible deal, so with my wife threatening death if I don’t ride/train during my off work weeks, and my desire to not lose what fitness I have, my question is will AT be able to manage my progression on a week on week off basis, is Train Now going to be the better option, or will I be having to alter my calendar every second week.

FWIW I have had plans to race 24hr MTB for the last two years, but a certain something has been in the way.