AT takes me straight into build after 2 week vacation

It the beginning of October I punched in my race goal (A event is Sept 2022), added my 2 week vacation in December over Christmas, and adaptive training spit out my plan. Perfect!

As I’ve been going through my 11 weeks of base (before my vacation starts) I’ve been questioning the phasing that AT has given me. After my 2 weeks vacations, which I plan to be home, but no riding at all - basically my offseason, it has me going directly into a build phase.

Would it not be more optimal to maybe have another round of base after all that time off? My event is so far out, probably doesn’t matter, but it had me thinking about it.

What say you?


Generally with an event that far out the progression is Base, Build, then Base 2 maybe again. After 12 weeks of Base you probably got all you’re gonna get out of Base and it’s time to mix up the stimulus.

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That’s a good point. I’ll just ramp test and roll with it.