April Strength Challenge?

Just wondering if I should try incorporating a bit more strength using the date as a number of exercises.

So on the 1st April.
1 Press up
1 sit up
1 second Plank
1 squat.

And then on the 2nd, do 2 of every exercise
On the 3rd do 3 and so on.

I thought about pullups but I know I won’t make it to the 10th day!

What do people think?

As I’m crap at Press up’s that may work but for the other exercises you may need more to see any gains. I would say something along the lines:

1st April.
1 Press up
10 sit up
10 second Plank
10 squat.

See how that feel’s for the plank it takes a couple of seconds just to get your self in the correct body position: I’m not a coach but do these type of exercises at the gym weekly or did them at the gym.

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I agree that it’s pretty easy for some of those exercises. But that would make it easy to complete to start with and so hopefully easier to keep completing and build motivation.

Being able to do 30 of each by the end of the month would be great for everyone, (although I can see that lots of people would already be able to do this)