Apple TV + Iphone + optical HR

I’m using apple tv for visuals and connect my Scosche HR monitor to it so it shows on Screen.

Problem is this uses up my sigal BLE channel for TR to display my HR on the app on my iphone 8, I’m interest in HR for tracking later on data analytics etc.

Any one know any dual bluetooth optical arm HR monitors that will be able to connect to both? I don’t get on with chest straps just difficulties reading my HR accurate.
If not

Solutions I’ve come up with:
Wear another HR monitor on the other arm.
Purchase the Cable from northpole engineering and convert the ant+ signal to Bluetooth.

Am I missing something obvious?

I would say that given your situation going the CABLE method would be best. Used to use one and never had any issues with it. Used a rubber band to keep it on my stem

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Yep, like running Zwift and TR together on 2 Apple devices. Gotta go with a Cable.

I believe the newest Garmin chest strap has two Bluetooth channels, but if you’re not interested in a chest strap I think the Cable is your best bet.

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Just on the cable and works perfect. Thanks.