App running slow

iPhone and iPad, same Problem.

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yea, that’s my bad. I thought I did an OK job of searching before posting. Mods can decide to delete if needed

Looks like the latest update fixed it!

Thanks @SarahLaverty

Eh? No its still very laggy.

Did you get the update notice?

There’s no Android update on Google Play. Ive just checked.

Ive had the spindowmn issue too on ipad…will freeze while ramping up then not respond to canceling

On iOS it seems to be fixed

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On android its still very laggy and there’s no uodate on google play

Did a fix for this get pushed through? I haven’t had an update on Android for quite a while and the app is seriously dragging the chain on all of my devices.


Bumping this thread as Im still experiencing the same problems. The app is both incredibly slow to launch, load and sync and is very unresponsive when using (input responsibness issue mentioned by others). Im running the latest version of the app on android.


Also bumping this. Since joining TR a month ago I can not beeline how slow the app is. Website seems fast. Wish they would at least acknowledge this and say they are working on it or confirm it’sa problem

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Mine seems to crash an awful lot on iOS (more than weekly?). I’ll attempt to open it and will get an “uh oh, looks like we’ve had a problem screen.” I’ll have to re-login , but sometimes that doesn’t work and I’ll have to switch to a different device. Super frustrating when time is short and I’m just trying to cram in a workout.