Anyway to import running activities from Garmin or Strava into TrainerRoad?

Loving the new Calendar, and want to really use it but about half or more of my training activities are not done on TrainerRoad. What is the best way to add these activities into the calendar? Is the best option to manually type them all in after the workout?


It’s currently your only option.

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Currently, the only way to enter your non-cycling workouts is through the manual entry option. In the future, we plan to grow TrainerRoad’s functionality by allowing the import of non-cycling activities, however, we are not there quite yet.



I did a hack before the the Calendar. So I don’t know if it still works, but seems likely.

Running… OK, I did a thing… and I want to see if I am crazy or on to a functional workaround.

I have been adding some run training to prepare for a duathlon in a few weeks. I do most of my runs on my treadmill, in Zwift. These runs upload to my Strava and Training Peaks accounts, but of course… not TrainerRoad.

So… I decided to try a test. I downloaded the run workout from Training Peaks and then did a manual import to TrainerRoad on the “Past Rides” section.

It imported (which I wasn’t sure would happen) and I used the “Estimate” function to assign some TSS. I picked “5 - Tempo” which gives a 22 TSS value. This compares to the 59rTSS from Training Peaks.

My goal is to try and account for the additional stress from the runs, while looking at my Training Stress on the Career page of TrainerRoad.

I am trying to decide if this is a terrible idea or not. I know TR is thinking about, and likely adding Run and Swim capability in the future. But I would like something to use until that time.

Thoughts from others (especially if you have already tried something like this) or Trainer Road staff? I only did one run, just to see if it could be done, but I plan to go back and pull in more if it seems to be useful and functional.

Am I destined to break something or did I just come up with a nice workaround?

Training Peaks Run:

TrainerRoad “Run/Ride”:

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Out of curiosity are you using a footpod? If you do, when you calibrated to Zwift did you go by the treadmill speed or target speed per your watch/footpod?

I’m debating using Zwift for treadmill entrainment. Given I mainly use an older, not well maintained treadmill at work I use the pace off my watch/footpod for pacing. My footpod was calibrated off GPS via multiple outdoor runs. I’m just trying to get as reasonably accurate as possible given the general inaccuracy of treadmills.

I am using the Garmin footpod and need to do a calibration. It’s a bit off, but I run so little, it really doesn’t impact me much. I do want to do it eventually, when I get on the mill more.

I use a Stryd and that’s spot on. Having it calibrated to a track will give you better results and regardless of which treadmill you are on as long as you use your footpod you will get the same distance and pace calculations—at least with Stryd. I know some footpods mess up when you change paces or inclines on the treadmill.

Mine seems fairly consistent from day to day. But I mainly do base miles at a small speed range.

I’ve found that once you get into the sub 6min mike range and/or over 8% grade some foot pods get a bit wonky but if you are sticking to a narrow range you’ll be fine for sure

Well, I’m in the 9-10 mph range for the rest of my life, so no risk there :stuck_out_tongue:


You can export any run activity from Garmin Connect (as tcx) and then import manually to TrainerRoad. It will show up in your “past rides” and calendar. Then assign TSS according to RPE (or alternatively use TrainingPeaks rTSS or hrTSS). Seems to work fine for now.

Still quite a manual process though, so is this much better than manually entering the results?

My races have the data from the swim and run portions. for some reason when the file from garmin connect uploads, it uploads as one whole file. The data gets a bit funny though but it’s in there. Cadence is 1/2 of actual, and speed is listed in mph instead of min/mile

Yeah i’ts a workaround. Not sure if it’s better. But you will get the distance and time from the file. Cadence is from one leg I suppose. I guess if all you’re after is TSS then adding the results manually would be enough. I personally like the original file.

Wait - what? You can import tcx files to TrainerRoad? That’s awesome news if true, but I haven’t seen how to do that yet…

In your Trainer Road account on the left navigation under Career click on → Past rides → Click on the button on the right “Import Rides”

Full instructions:

I uploaded a run manually, I exported the gpx file. It counts it as a ride, but hey, I know it’s a run :wink:

Hi all, my first post but I am a TR user. Im a Triathlete who is hoping to not need to purchase a yearly Training Peaks account for this year. It expired a week ago. I was hoping TR might have something equivalent very soon. I don’t have a coach so don’t need them to access my TP account/data, nor do I upload a plan or buy a TP plan. I just need total TSS and fitness/freshness charts to help me manage my load and tapers etc. So I don’t use much functionality of TP. If I did use more features, then its value would be good for me. With my limited use of features I find it is overkill. How far is TRroad behind on being able to use my swim (pool and OW) and run data synced from Garmin to create me my TSS and performance chart that I am used to on TPeaks? Or any other solutions? PS I am not techy enough to be bothered with Golden Cheetah etc. and don’t have time to faff around. Cheers all.

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@nuts250 TR is not saying when the swim/run import will happen. It IS on their list. I suspect they are getting slammed by tri-geeks like ourselves wanting the option. The hardest part right now is the TSS part when you put it in. @mcneese.chad posted a workaround somewhere, but I have not had time to try it.


I already posted it above (3rd reply to the OP).

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