Anyone watching the adventure race show on Prime?

I think it’s called, “World’s Toughest Race” and hosted by Bear Grylls. I’ve known about adventure racing, but dang, the training that must go into one of these would be intense. Training for long course triathlon is time consuming…stretching the logistics of that out over 10 days and adding in several extra disciplines :exploding_head:

Wife turned to me after we started the second episode and told me “don’t even think about it.”

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Just added to my watch list :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed watching it. Hit “mute” every time Grills came on. His participation in the show was unwelcome IMHO.

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Yep it was pretty cool. I then went down a rabbit hole wondering about the embedded camera crews and whether the race director actually did the course himself:

I started wondering about that when they highlighted the Astonia team who got stuck in that canyon during the storm. Amazing.

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