Anyone used a MuscleSound to measure glycogen?

I haven’t seen this device mentioned on the forum at all, but apparently it uses ultrasound technology to measure glycogen in your muscles: It would be kinda cool to have the TR guys get tested after sleeping, or before & after a hard workout to see how much glycogen is actually stored in the leg muscles at different times of the day. @Nate_Pearson could even measure his muscle glycogen while carb-loading to see how much he really needs to eat in order to top them off. Can you guys think of any fun or actionable applications for a device like this, or have any of you used it?

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I’ve emailed them directly trying to buy their product (maybe a year ago?).

They didn’t respond. If anyone knows anyone there let me know, I’d love to buy one and try it out. If it works I’d use it every day.