Anyone running 28mm on a Dogma F10?

Hi folks,

I’ve heard anecdotally that Pinarello Dogma F10s can squeeze a 28mm tire in, but looking at my bike running 25mm I’m yet to be convinced and don’t really want to buy one to have it unusable. Unfortunately I’m away and so don’t have any pictures to show but I’m currently running 25mm tubeless GP5000s on Campy Bora One 50s if that helps.

Anyone tried this?

I ride an F8 and can run a 28mm up front, but only a 25mm in the rear. Not enough clearance for that. I have a buddy that does the same on his F10 for the same reason. From my experience a 28mm will not fit on the rear of an F8 or F10. I use clincher GP5000’s and my buddy has Vittoria’s. (and of course I can’t recall the model) :slightly_smiling_face: