Anyone over 50 at 4 watt/kg? Can I make it? (Long)

Interesting post…I’m not sure I can add anything new beyond the great insights that have already been shared other than to be another example of one who is currently sitting at 4.1 watts/kg at age 56. I have been riding and competing for about 10 years but only started using a Power Meter and following a more structured plan, through TrainerRoad, over the past year. My 1st FTP test showed a result of 294 Watts while the most recent FTP test last week showed progress to 318.

It can be done! (Full disclosure: although I had been a collegiate wrestler in the early 80’s at a Big 10 University, I do not think much of that prior fitness from 35+ years ago had much to do with my current cycling fitness results. Perhaps it is more mental and be willing to endure pain; that is one thing the two sports have in common!

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If you are a fellow Hawkeye, much respect for being one of Gable’s guys.

If not? Much respect then too!

Nope, not Iowa! I was a Boilermaker!

I’m the original poster and just thought that I would post an update.
I just tested today after completing SSBMV2 and upped my FTP to 254 and weigh just under 65kg, so this puts me at 3.91 w/kg. I am now very confident that I can reach 4.0 w/kg in pretty short order if I remain consistent with my workouts, nutrition and sleep. I’m hopeful that I can even hit it after four weeks of build.


Well I just finished the first half of MV short power build and took a ramp yesterday and ended with a recommended FTP of 261, which puts me at 4.05 w/kg. So the answer to my own question is yes. Starting at 53 with no prior endurance experience you (if you are little guy anyway) can make it to 4 w/kg.
At first I thought that the key to my success was my hard work, clean eating and improved sleep habits, but then I remembered something about @Nate and his prior experience in marching band. Well I too was in marching band almost 40 years ago. Coincidence? Could marching band be the fast track to successful cycling in later life? lol
But seriously TR is an amazing product and if at my age a person can go from zero to 4 w/kg in a year, what can someone younger do with consistency.
I am sure that at my age, my ceiling has to be fairly close, but I really have’t seen any sign of it yet and don’t know why I couldn’t gain another 15-20 watts this year if I can stay at it. That would put me somewhere around 4.3 w/kg which 6 months ago I would never have dreamed I could reach.
Thanks TR.


That’s fantastic news and a great effort. Well done :+1:t2: :sunglasses:


I’m another band nerd hitting 4+w/kg in my 50’s. This marching band factor sounds like a study that should be funded :slight_smile:

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I’m another band nerd hitting 4+w/kg in my 50’s. This marching band factor sounds like a study that should be funded :slight_smile:


Well a deep dive from coach Chad at the very least.

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Great progress! Since I posted in December, I’ve been doing a custom TR plan which is kind of a mix of TT and rolling hills race training. I have done some indoor races and even got one outdoor race in before COVID. My Power/wt is up from 3.07 to 3.44 so I’m happy with the progress. Would really like to get to 3.7 but I’ve plateaued the last few weeks.


Great news. I don’t think that I have the physiology to get to 4wkg. I would be happy with 3.5 but alas I have been at 3.1 wkg for 2 years even with TR.


Nice work! I’m 50 now and been edging closer and closer to 4.0 the last few years, but not quite there yet, at 3.9 now in Specialty phase.

I’m curious about your Short Power build choice. Have you been doing Short Power regularly for your build phases? Because it fits your event needs? I’ve been bouncing back and forth between General and Sustained (which better fit long gravel events I do) the last few years and progressing, in FTP at least, extremely slowly now. Recently I’m thinking I should do Short Power next to change it up, target slightly different systems, and hopefully break through the plateau.

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Add one more: 51, marching band nerd, FTP was 4.0, just dropped to 3.9 after a particularly bad ramp test (will retest soon).

I chose the short power build original because of the larger amount of work over threshold/VO2max work after reading “Fast After 50. I have repeated since because I made good gains with it originally.


Perfect answer @Pcella, thanks. Need to finish that book myself :slight_smile:

Plus, I need to figure out how to make myself dread VO2 work less :rofl:

I’m 47. Last year I was well over 430w for my ftp pioneer measurement (>460w for 20 minutes, 480w for 15’45 uphill TT) at 82-83kg, and if diligent could get to 80kg. 4w/kg is definitely doable. Cheers!

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Monster numbers - I’m in awe :sunglasses: :muscle:t2:

I’m guessing you’ve been cycling for a long time?

It’s interesting to me that many comments relate to people less favouring VO2 work.

I’ve found (relatively at least) that I perform ok for the TR workouts in this category (shorter higher power) but struggle with the longer effort stuff - tempo and sweet spot

Annoying given cycling is an endurance sport :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:

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Yes, but in in my late teens to early twenties no.

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not 50 yet, just 41, but hit 4.1 w/kg today :slight_smile:
309 @75kg (previous test 295 and started TR in January with 262)

If this can be done on LV + some additional rides (~ 5.5 hrs a week total) I’m sure I won’t be slower in 9 years if I can invest a few more hours