Anyone know if Canyon accept ride to work in the UK?

As per thread title - anyone know or had experience with Canyon accepting the UK cycle to work scheme for purchasing a new bike?

I can’t see anything on their website and the ‘chat’ function isn’t working for me at the moment (I’m thinking operator error on my phone, but I’m not an IT whizz).


They do, but only the ‘Green Commute Initiative’ version, so depends if you can convince your employer to use that flavour of the scheme (I couldn’t).

Few more details here:

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I think they take GCI but none of the other providers. I can’t be 100% though.

Which provider and what does that providers website say?

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I found the link on their site eventually. They do accept the ride to work scheme :grin:

Just the GCI version or others too?

This is what it says …

OK, thanks. That’s what I thought - just the GCI one. My employer, like many, is way too lazy to do anything other than the path of least resistance (cyclescheme in their case).

I lobbied my work to move to GCI, on the basis it best supports local bike shops (cheaper, faster payment, easier process, more freely accepted) when compared to the terrible Halfords scheme they currently use. It also is a proper perk for employees that costs them very little, the Halfords scheme feels a token effort, especially this year where they have no stock and topping up is not technically permitted.

HR were really positive and promised to get onto it and then did nothing. I am assuming it was path of least effort for them.