Anyone here subscribe to Rouleur?

Hi There,

I paid for a subscription back in June (this year), and haven’t received a single issue yet. Are they on vacation? Has anyone gone through the same experience? This is disconcerting.



I did. They can be way late delivery coming to the US I know due to shipping issues these days

Yep I am subscribed and have been receiving my issues as expect - in fact the latest issue landed on my doorstep yesterday. I would contact support - the one time an issue didn’t arrive they rectified very quickly. I am in the UK though…

My first few issues were on point, but my TdF issue (June) never came and I had to request a new one and I still haven’t received the most recent issue. As others said, the issues are late to the US, so it’s hard to tell when its supposed to be here and when it’s late. I found that if you go the request a replacement issue link, they will tell you when it should have been delivered by. Not ideal, but it is a great magazine.

Yep, I’m in Aus. I think the mags are posted from somewhere in Europe (Italy?) and issues seem to come in waves.