Anyone have the Neo 2T?

Oh no, do you have an older trainer you can use in the meantime?

I was without it for 2 weeks but am doing offseason weights so only needed bike in the gym for warm up and cool down. Gym bike is also a wattbike so not too bad!

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Does anyone know when the Neo 2T is coming back into stock? I have been checking daily for two months now :frowning:

I thought clever training just got some back in but they probably sold already

Thanks! I will take a look!,CCD1,41CCJH,1A83F,1

Still in stock as of now

I got my 2T in the last month, and I had a few questions for other owners and see if what I am experiencing is normal.

I have noticed it has a decent amount of vibration in the pedals when under load (200-250W). Is this just the magnets and how the resistance works? Definitely not a smooth feeling as my old Kickr Snap.

The other issue I have noticed in in Zwift, the changes are extremely rapid so for example cresting a hill the change from a positive gradient to a negative one causes the resistance to just let go and almost feels like it is slipping. I am not sure if this is normal and the switch from my power to it powering itself down the hill is that abrupt? I guess I need to try unplugging it and remove the powered downhill option.

I had the same issues when I demoed one from my LBS: vibrations around that same power level and also the abrupt changes in resistance. I tried it for some vo2 stuff and the resistance hit so drastically it was nearly impossible to maintain cadence. Glad I got to try it first because I hated it

I haven’t had too much of an issue in ERG mode, it does change quickly but that doesn’t bother me too much. I find it more annoying that it hits 2s before the interval actually starts and ends 2s early, catches me off guard sometimes.

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To me the way the intervals came on was what I imagine it’s like being kicked by a horse, and yes they did come on early. I’d rather have it 2 seconds late so you can anticipate it but the overzealous starts and immediate spikes in resistance were a no for me, but what you’re describing sounds like my experience

No, not normal. A decent amount of vibration would be road feel or something wrong. The magnets are subtle and not really noticeable at normal cadence. I only notice it with low cadence work at 40rpm or just starting movement.

It’s a bit quicker but not much different than my Kickr or the H3. People say it’s fast but I find it takes almost as long as my Kickr and H3, even when doing anaerobic intervals under ERG. But, the 2T never missed an interval, and it takes about 3-5 seconds to ramp, in Zwift. I’ve missed (no star) entire V02 or anaerobic intervals with the Kickr and H3 because it started ramping late and then let off early.

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That’s how it’s sent to the trainer, the 2T is just responsive enough for you to notice it.

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That’s not normal, you should check out and see if you can find your issue there.


The so-called “trainer difficulty” setting in Zwift should help with that, see

The TD will impact that to a degree.

Importantly, since it doesn’t seem to be stated…

  • [edit: I see it is mentioned above, but this still serves to point out that it is a factor and will impact the feel. The Neo is likely the fastest response trainer in the world, especially notable in the 2T version. This means that grade changes are likely happing faster than other trainers. So if you are comparing to other ones, this is a key difference, and something to welcome really, since it is likely more close to outside conditions.]

we need to mention something VERY important about the Neo trainers. They all feature “downhill drive” that means it will actually propel the flywheel forward, in an effort to more accurately simulate the change in pedal force from our acceleration down a grade, like we get outside.

That propulsion will make holding power more difficult, again just like outside. It will be a more dramatic difference in feel when you have higher TD setting. So keep that in mind for “simulation” usage on the Neo.


Good point on the downhill drive. That’s probably the main stimulus.

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I think that decent simulation is the more jarring thing, I am going to try it with the unit unplugged, disabling that feature.


TR seem to have refined that behaviour in the iOS beta app … the power transitions for the 2T now seem a bit smoother, and closer to the expected interval timing.

FWIW, I never have mine plugged in, partly because I move it around occasionally and partly because I never use road feel or the powered descent feature … so there’s no point anyhow. The next time I plug it in will probably be when I need to do a firmware upgrade.

You should plug it in. The fans need to run after the workout as well as during. People have overheated the Neo, requiring trainer replacement via warranty or purchase a refurb unit. Every little bit of cooling helps to avoid getting into that situation.

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