Anyone else busy cycling around London at 52 mph?

Anyone fancy submitting a complaint to IPSO about this. It only takes 2 minutes. I couldn’t get to the article on the telegraph itself as I think either they moved it now or it’s behind the paywall. So I send the story about their story.
But I hate all this culture war stuff stirring up hatred against cyclists.


The data is actually from the TACX turbo trainer app, a ride called London City Ride. A few of us hsve complained via IPSO on grounds of accuracy and intent of article.


How ridiculous.

Leave it as an example of how moronic hating cycling can be…and how foolish the Telegraph has been.

Strava or someone has got rid of my dodgy joint KOM. I was joint KOM with something like 30 other cyclists that descended through one oh the Alpe du Huez hairpins at something like 200mph. Goodness know how I’m a cr@p descender :joy: