Anyone completed Biketransalp?


did insurance cover your costs?

I haven’t stepped into that murky water yet. Not sure I can face the hassle tbh. I wrote my entry fee off in 2020 so the only other cost I have is £180 Eurotunnel.
Might be hard to argue that covid stopped me travelling as I’m not positive any more.
Frankly I’m just feeling like i want to put my fingers in my ears and block the whole thing out. It hurts just to think about it.

Blimey, that’s unleashed a bunch of bottled up emotions. I’d screwed the lid down tight on my disappointment. The prospect of just week after week of work stretching into the distance is so incredibly dull. This was my chance to escape reality for a bit.
Can’t even go for a bike ride to cheer myself up. Lungs are in a rubbish state.

its perfectly resonable to be gutted by missing this out. Having spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours preparing for something do have it yanked away is really crappy and not something to be resolved by just shrugging your shoulders.

It’s not even the preparation I’m gutted about, I love that part. It was the chance to step into the unknown, do something extraordinary. Life can be like groundhog day by middle age.

Had a chat with my bikepacking buddy who’s still struggling to ride an hour after covid 8 weeks ago…
Also chatted with the mate I was going to be a pair with at the 2020 Alps Epic… He can’t ride due to wierd muscle tears and his wife has serious heart issues…
Puts things into perspective.

Sorry for turning this thread into an introspective examination. Not many people understand what we try to achieve. Thus don’t really understand the disappointment.

At least we try eh?

Interestingly I have just messaged a friend who has done some ultra endurance events in the past. He has had to scratch on the tour divide a couple of times after 1500 mile’s due to medical issues so understands the pain.

I am at home/isolating until Sunday/Monday and will try a session Sunday evening on the trainer to see how I manage.

Entry, hotels, flights etc are quite a lot so will need to try and get the insurance to cover it.

People give me a weird look because I am full on mask mode. Really scared of catching something and blowing this summer.
I need this. I am mostly riding on the trainer imagining “the season” so would have no consolation prize.

With 2 kids in the house and my wife and I both working in hospitals this is the second time I have caught it, plus I have had 3 vaccines, my wife has had 4!

Thinking about it, my son was a bit under the weather last week, then my wife was exhausted on Saturday so maybe its just going to be really mild this time.

I’ve got a wife who’s a teacher and a daughter in school. However this latest time they both caught it flying home from Norway after visiting family at half term.

Kpedal. Wear that mask with pride. You’ve got a higher purpose in life.

Tonight was the point of no return. Would have been setting off at 2am tomorrow. Instead, after work, I strolled down to our local pub with my wife, had a couple of beers and signed off on what could have been and started chatting about our future plans.


fair play, sounds like you have reconciled it with yourself. Thats all that matters.

Do you still have time off?

Even better, the lad that I employ is soon going to take extended sick leave for a minor surgery.
My summer is now just work, work, work.
Boat has sailed and I’m not on it :frowning:

However. I’d entered an off road marathon (running :astonished:) which is in October. Once I’m better I’ll knuckle down to training for that. I’ll also start planning a 10 day bikepacking trip to do in Sept-Nov. Thinking Edinburgh - London off road would be cool.

well, feel like I am on the mend, bit of a sore throat but not so tired and no real chest issues so far.

Had a run around the garden to get my HR up and it quickly came back down. Will do another test in the morning and see if its cleared my system yet.

This might not be a done deal yet!

How are you guys getting on? My race finished today. It was the right call not going as I’m struggling for breath even riding at 10mph on the flat. Still a massive anticlimax though.
Hope you’re ok Alan?

Well, some good news. I feel fine.
On Saturday did a 30 minute easy spin and some weights and felt good. Have cycled back and forth to work and did some sprints yesterday morning to get my HR up with no ill effects and this evening did a 60 minute tempo session which was marked as productive and completed it. It was HOT in the garage, 30+ degrees but I still completed the session with no issue.

I am confident I am fine to ride and given I completed the session today think that COVID has probably not done much if anything to my fitness!

I had all but resigned myself to withdrawing and have a new sense of excitement. I fly 1 week on Saturday!

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It’s cruel. I’ve gone from 20hr weeks to riding for an hour then needing 5 sleeps over the day to recover. I’m talking about full on: shit I’m swaying, lie down, wake up confused type naps.
Covid can go do one!

My new phobia.
I went through something similar but was not this bad. It took a year to go away. I still could not guess what was that.
It can push anyone over the edge.

Mate, that is just rubbish. It’s strange how it impacts everyone so differently.
I have a friend who caught it before I did and was negative before me as well. he is struggling to cycling 4 km to work and today was shaking after helping me assemble a bike bag.

The only thing I have heard which helped a friend who was suffering was sessions in an oxygen tent. Not sure how possible that might be?

It’s a bummer but it’ll pass. Hardest thing is trying to let go of the need to find a new goal to obsess about. Feel hopeless without a long term target.
Something will come up, I’m positive.
Anyway, am really glad you’re ok. Look forward to hearing about your adventures.