Anybody see SH's ramp test? (Stephan Hoffman)

1st ramp test after a long layoff:

Take a look at that de-trained W/kg. Yikes! What a monster…

Crazy! Couple questions:

-Who is SH? Is he a TR employee or friend or something?
-The units on the vertical scale by his calendar timeline…are they miles or TSS and how does one get them there? I have no unit reference on mine is why I ask…

I believe that’s his weekly TSS.

No idea who SH is apart from the initials representing Stephan Hoffman.

The vertical lines is watts. So his FTP was. His FTP was 361 and he hit 494 so he likely got a new FTP of ~372.

Yeah…Stephan…the cliff bar dude.

He was out for a long time I believe with injury. Not sure what the exact nature of the injury was. Just saying, this is a seriously de-trained athlete that just did a ramp test like that. Ha!

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Virtual power…

Still a great rider, but would doubt the accuracy.

The line is way to smooth to be virtual on the ramp test. Definitely in ERG mode.

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Power source is always listed at the bottom.

Kickr and most likely Smoothing in ERG is enabled.


“Feeling humbled” by a 360w FTP. :man_facepalming:

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I’ve BEEN HUMBLED by an FTP on that order. But the feeling was brief because before long I couldn’t see him anymore and then cognitive dissonance started to take over.

Aha - wish my starting point was 370W!

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