Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?

To whom it may concern, how I fixed my Kickr:

I just had a unit die on me, it’s a 2018 refurb unit serial starts 401829 so I guess this was before they fixed the issue. Still doing the customer service dance with them but hopefully they’ll send me one of the upgrade units…

My 2018 Core stopped sending sensor data last week. Spoke to Wahoo and they have sent me an out of warranty replacement with 120-day warranty for £250 inclusive of shipping

I set up the replacement and have a model that is producing a knocking noise. I have emailed them and will request a pickup of the device and refund and buy a new one from a different brand.

I’m not particularly pleased with wahoo at the moment. I will put my trainer next to the 3 dead tickr HR monitors.

Update for anyone that experiences issues with a 2018 Kickr in 2023, after the replacement had an issue, Wahoo are sending me a brand new Kickr Core and its arriving tommorow. Which is more then I hoped for.