Anybody doing Tour of Sufferlandia 2019

I have done the ToS the last few years and have always enjoyed it.
I am in two minds this year

a) because I am in mid TR plan
b) They have added yoga and strength workouts to it which seems to detract a little in my mind.

It is normally a very hard 10 days - 700-900 TSS if done at 100% which is what I aim for and does take some recovery. However the FB thredas are great and generate a real community spirit.

I will be on the last week of SSBase MV Pt 2 which is a recovery week. Not sure I want to not finish the plan properly before I start on a build plan.

Anybody else doing it.

I am just finishing a build phase and I have blocked out two weeks in the calendar to do it before i restart base again. i have never done it before but love these kind of challenges.

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I did three (?) years of it when TR handled it, but haven’t done it since SF took their ball and went home. I really liked the way TR had things setup for it and it definitely was a good challenge to tackle in the middle of winter.

ETA: I miss my badges from the ToS on my career page. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: