Any way to pull up an old version of a plan?

This new version of SSB Mid II is really beating me up. I used the calendar (thanks for the calendar. It made it easy to go back and look at past years. :smile:) and I responded a lot better to the 2016-2017 version of it.

I know I could just go back and move the workouts one for one into a new calendar but was wondering if there was a way to launch the old plan.

Happy Friday.

No, there is not currently any automated way to apply an older version of any plan.

It will require manual setup and control.

Thatโ€™s a bummer.

The plans are made for you to gain further adaptation, challenge you, increase fitness and succeed. The plans are individually tailored to your FTP and ability to handle the stress (low, mid, high volumes). They ARE NOT there to beat you up.

The new plan is not the fault, something else in your training is likely the cause. Iโ€™d take a good look at what else is different than last time you did SSB2; is your FTP too high (mine was), are you under-fueling workouts, inadequate rest/recovery, external stressors, consistently, trying to lose weight, new diet, etc. Can you eliminate all those variables?

SSB2 should be tough but doable. Also consider adding in a rest week after the 3rd week, maybe 5 weeks in a row is too much.

I agree they are not there to beat you up. It just happens to be. Already doing the every 3 weeks rest week. I just think the SSB from a couple years ago is a better progression. For me. YMMV.