Any South West UK riders 3.4-4.0(ish) w/kg?

I’m looking to arrange small group rides for people roughly in this power category and want to help push eachother. The reason for doing this? I’ve been riding solo for about 2 years and struggling to find people with similar level of dedication and focus so thought this forum would be the best place!

If interested, I have a WhatsApp Group running - DM me.

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Wow another SW user! Where abouts are y’all?

Only just broke 3.4W/kg so might be a bit slow although I might have a bit more in the tank after lock down finishes.

What County are you in?

Have you tried riding with a club?

3.5 near Exeter here.

I am in a club, but we’re still not doing any training rides at the moment.

I’m based in Bristol. Hoping to do something more Ad hoc than weekly club runs. Trips to Lake District/Yorkshire/N.Devon/Wales etc. I’ve done a lot of these rides on my own but would be good to do them with people going at similar pace.

If you’re interested send me your number dude. I have a WhatsApp group up and running


Well done for hitting 3.4 dude. I’m from Bristol. Send me your number if you want in on the group.