Any chance of new feature "TR Racing"?

You’d know who would win just based on FTP setting before it even began! :laughing:

A social component to TR could really help with compliance. Doesn’t have to be complex. Even something simple like a Strava group that starts base at the same time. Anything that gets people on the bike. I love the ideas in this thread and the other one trying to get Coach Chad to lead virtual sessions (fueled by IPA). :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to whatever it is. I did try to organize unoffical TR workouts via Zwift a month or so back (run TR and have zwift in background) with the meetup function. The max people we had was 3 at one time.

Maybe it was timing but would rather do something just on TR.

TR members are the last ones I want to race. lol


yeah, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s the workout YOU get that’s important. The real racing outside is what matters.

Please don’t make it a virtual world with zwift type weirdness floating around and all the crappy sounds that they incorporate into their product. Drives me nuts! No avatar, just a dot and a oval circuit, perfect.

There is some interesting activity on Jonathan’s, Nate’s and DCRainmakers Strava today where they all seem to be doing the same workout at the same time…

Could be a new group workout feature in testing :slight_smile:


I would :heart: this. Just had to instead of the :+1: :rofl:

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