Anxiety or something else

Hi I’ve noticed these last few weeks I’ve got a tight chest, went out yesterday for a short spin to fend off cabin fever and noticed almost instantly a tight feeling in my chest as though I had mucus or something on my chest. as the short ride progressed the feeling didnt subside but I could breathe fine my power and hr was about correct.

I’m putting it down to anxiety as I have had it in the past and with the current situation it seems to match the symptoms of covid, I have no cough or temp and no other reason to think anything is wrong with my health just a constant feeling I need to clear my throat and chest, anyone else had this.
Understand ably I don’t want to bother the doctors as at the moment they are running a very strict appointment for serious cases.

Many of my colleagues at work are fearing furlough right now and many reports of tight feeling in their chests. Me included from time to time. I had the same feeling years ago during 911 when I was furloughed. And prior to that I felt the same thing when our daughter was fighting for her life in the hospital.

Anyway, if you do a search on anxiety you will find a ton of info better than I can give. In a nut shell hormones dump into the blood to target muscles related to fight or flight response.

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