Anxiety and depression

I’m sorry to hear this. I let myself go physically back in 2009, and I had severe/debilitating bouts with both anxiety and depression. I carry a gun for a living, so getting help was not an option for me, so I thought. I got myself in really good physical shape, and sought mental health counseling. Today, I am on no medication, and use exercise to fend off all issues. This is not a “one size fits all” scenario. I do not like having to take mind-altering drugs, and I would advise anyone to use them as a last-resort effort. I know all too well about panic attacks. I had one for no reason on a traffic stop one day. It was at that point I knew I needed to get help. For me, diet and exercise was my cure. I feel for you. Do not hesitate to reach out. If interested, pm me, and I’ll get you my number. I don’t want to be offensive here, but I’m a trained first responder: nothing is worth ending your life. I can promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel, even when it doesn’t appear to be that way. Stay strong, my friend


I also want to add that 20 mins of exercise is the same as taking a “happy pill”, in the case that the brain releases serotonin. You say you don’t want to exercise due to a panic attack fear. I think you’d be amazed on the opposite effect. I challenge you to hit it hard, and get on your bike…hit Z2 on a run. You got this…


May I ask what those were?

I considered micro-dosing THC, with several friends recommending it. Just never got around to it with the hassle of making a doctor’s appointment, and didn’t really want to spend that money anyway. Lots of folks say it helps a ton.

I just smoke a ton of weed. Not like snoop dogg, but a lot. Just keeps me happy and sane and productive. Doesn’t hurt my work performance. Didn’t stop me from finishing college. Doesn’t seem to disrupt me from making progress with cycling. I had self esteem issues from being the fat kid in Middle school and early years of HS that got made fun of a bunch, once I started smoking I kind of stopped caring about people’s opinions and allowed me to focus on myself and be happy which led to a lot of things turning around to positive.

Anxiety is different, my friend has major anxiety issues and smoking sometimes helps him and other times makes his symptoms worse


Can you share any relevant research on this please? I’ve considered this, but I know that my wife would not agree. I gave up alcohol 3 years ago, but feel like I need something else to replace it (if that makes sense). :thinking:

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Makes sense to me. I haven’t researched it and haven’t done it myself, so nothing to share from my end. Sorry!

That’s something I would never try to be honest. I know 2 people who do smoke Heavily and on a regular basis and their lives are literally a mess and we have random drug tests at work. Which means I will have to disclose my medication when I go back on Tuesday, another thing I wish I didn’t have to do.

Although my direct line manager would be very understanding and supportive it’s all the others higher up the chain that will need to be told that I wish didn’t have to find out because by the end of the day the whole workforce will find out!

I understand the addictive nature of benzodiazepines and the epidemic of over prescription and lower efficacy over time but I genuinely would be happy to take them for a number of years but no legit DR these days would be happy with that.

I did 45 minutes of yoga and felt it made little difference today but I’m gonna try some apps suggested up thread and let you know. Distraction works for a while so a bit of mario cart and call of duty today has actually provided temporary release.

I will advise one thing that has seemed to help Other than the meds and it’s only minutely but it’s a cup of peppermint tea

I think I will give that Z2 ride ago tomorrow to be fair worse can happen I end up back at stage 1 which I’m not too far from now anyway.

Honestly I don’t agree with the idea of turning away a plant but then saying “ I understand the addictive nature of benzodiazepines and the epidemic of over prescription and lower efficacy over time but I genuinely would be happy to take them for a number of years” but I’m not going to try to make arguments for or against. The main goal here is you getting better. I just think cannabis is at least worth a try, it may change your life or do nothing for you. I just see a flaw in that logic. Drug tests at work are a cause for concern but if you have a prescription from a doctor then you should be exempt. And you don’t have to smoke anything, there are drops, edibles, etc, and you may even be good with CBD which is an ingredient in marijuana that has none of the “high” effect. I use a CBD balm on my muscles when they are sore

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So I did a 30 minute ride With some sprints with 45 minutes yoga afterwards and felt ok actually. I may try same tomorrow or even a run not sure yet but wasn’t the worst thing. I felt great for first hour afterwards then slightly worse for a while after.

I have my catch up with my dr tomorrow not sure how that will pan out the Benzo have really helped but doubt she will prescribe more. I’m no where near back to 100% so will see what she offers no doubt anti depressants guess I will be up all night making a decision but my wife is dead against them but she isn’t the one who had a heart rate of 160 just lying in bed the other day!

I smoked a lot of weed in my teens and this is when a lot of my troubles started. I now cannot stand the smell either I have an instant headache. I would be willing to try oils or drops etc In the Uk I have read stories of really sick individuals that have taken cannabis oils, with miraculous recoveries only for it to be denied them.

This is directly from UK home office

Cannabis is listed as a schedule 1 drug, as in its raw form it is not recognised in the UK as having any medicinal benefit and is therefore subject to strict control restrictions.

This is one of many examples

Yep, US is the same way, we have some states that have different laws but federal govt says it’s still illegal schedule 1 with no benefits. I wish you the best bud

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Excellent pun.

You can always move to Canada…it’s legal here.

And to @NewbCyclist, don’t know if you’ve watched/read it or not, but the Graham Obree story, The Flying Scotsman, is basically a lifetime of him trying to overcome anxiety and depression…and winning world championships and world records along the way. Might be of some inspiration.


Thanks it’s my last days holiday before I’m back at work tomorrow so I’ll give it a watch tonight

Your not in this alone. Please go and see your medical Dr and ask for help. If your State, country has a mental health plan then free counselling maybe included. If the medical practitioner suggests medication. Take it. You don’t have to be on it for ever. It is so important for you to see someone especially in these social isolation days. This will only manifest under everything else and exasperate the issues.

I suffer from depression, the hardest decision and best was for me to go to the Drs and get onto a mental health plan.

All the suggestions about focusing on yourself are correct, maybe start training more, eating clean and healthy, please stay away from alcohol. it is a good crutch, but doesn’t help in the short or long term. Call your friends and family.

One technique I use to re centre myself is - sit in a chair with feet flat. Hands on your legs palms down. Feel the floor under your feet. And press your feet into the floor. Feel the floor through your feet.

Another - this works very well for me - re centres myself so I can think clearly - sit and close your eyes, imagine your in a massive warehouse that’s empty. Completely empty. Nothing but you in it. And space. Now how small do you feel there? All that’s around you is empty space.

If you need help, or want to talk more then DM me. All the best to you.


What an amazing community we have here !

I have just been given Citalopram 20mg once a day. I’ve took my first one today. I was also given a handful of diazepam for the moments I need instant release.

I haven’t drunk alcohol in 10 years and have over past few days took a serious look at my diet And realised it which was terrible. I have cut out caffeine completely instead of 4 coffees a day I Now drink Peppermint tea which is Amazing! My diet was all processed crap other than breakfast which is always porridge oats. Just to add more fruit and veg and whole food I’m doing a veggie/no meat every other day thing

I’ve done particular yoga video where you do a 2 minute body scan at the end of the video I.e focusing on toes then calf’s legs etc etc And both times the video has finished without me even realising and I’m just lay there pretty calm.


For what is worth and because you mentioned food and we have an I love carbs string in parallel, here is my story, which may help.

I talked to a nutritionist to plot out nutrition in order to have my have my best race season this winter. She recommended that I increase my carbs based on an analysis of my food journal for the amount of training I was doing. I increased my minimally processed carbs to 60% in December, cutting out as much added sugar (blocks for racing) and almost all alcohol. January had ZERO sunny days where I live (which is normally a death knell). Not only did the plan work for racing, I have shed every trace of depression and feel the best I have in 50 years.

As mentioned, everyone is different, one solution does not solve all problems, and I am not a doctor. But sharing stories gives hope when hope is needed. Mine was an appointment and a few more dollars a week. I like to think that my brain was hungry and once I started feeding it more appropriately, the chemistry issue resolved itself. You might try talking to a nutritionist or just upping your healthy carbs.


Yup. :+1:


There are a lot of online resources and basics I can really be getting on with in regards to diet just to be getting on with and deep down I know what’s healthy and what’s not BUT I have an acquaintance that is probably one of the if not the best nutritionist in the country but he is very costly £££ but I think when I’m in a position to it will be a wise investment.

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I feel you on the breathing thing - I started having panic attacks about 10 years ago and subsequently convinced myself I had asthma and heart issues. I’ve never taken medication but have seen various therapists over the years and was diagnosed with anxiety and OCD. I’ve dropped out of races due to panic attacks and have spent weeks off the bike or not training because I was afraid that being out of breath due to exercise meant I was having an asthma or heart attack. Logically I know I have neither asthma or heart issues because I’ve been to the dr. and had tests, but when the anxiety hits, it’s hard to focus on the logic. The current pandemic has made things a lot worse lately as well.

What’s worked for me in the past was always just trying to push through but take the pressure off; I tell myself I’ll get on the trainer but just for 5 minutes, and after those 5 minutes, I’ll either stop or keep going. 9 times out of 10 I keep going. During the pandemic and shut-down, I’ve found it really hard to keep a training schedule so I’ve picked up some other workout hobbies to stay busy and get around the anxiety. I’m learning how to ride on rollers and have started doing some Tai Chi and meditating.
It’s a tough time and mental health issues are no joke. Best wishes to you!

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