Answering "Hard" makes secondary adaptations go away?

So I just finished Tallac-3, and when I went in via the web interface to answer the survey (old tablet, old app on the bike), it was showing +0.2 for SS (as expected), and secondary adaptations of +0.1 for tempo & endurance. After answering “Hard”, as I typically have been doing for productive workouts, it was no longer showing the secondary adaptations.

I tried changing my answer to “moderate”, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

So my question is thus: why is AT rating the workout I just completed differently before and after I answer the survey?

I’ve had this several times now. Let support know and they’ll rerun your progressions. Fixed it each time for me.

What I’ve been doing now is to finish my workout, change, shower, eat… Then use the APP (not website) to add the survey response and so far so good.

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I’ll keep an eye on this for the future. Thanks for the tip.
I’m not too worried about the progressions from a performance standpoint…they were just 0.1 increments & well within my ability. SSBLV just doesn’t have any tempo rides or any endurance rides 'til the first set week.

Interesting… I answer hard to my sunday wo and still gave me secondary adaptations…

Primary Progression
* Threshold 3.3 --> 9.3 (+ 6)

Secondary Progressions
* 1. Endurance 2.1- -> 3.5 (+ 1.4)
* 2. Tempo 1.6 --> 3.5 (+ 1.9)
* 3. SweetSpot 2.5 --> 6.3 (+ 3.8)
* 4. Anaerobic 1 --> 1.7 (+ 0.7)

a +6 adaptation to Threshold in a single workout? Seems like your ftp is off. Would also Endurance, Tempo and SS adaptations. Curious about the anaerobic bit; what workout did you do?


FTP off or had just been doing threshold workouts that weren’t TR workouts so TR didn’t have any recent relevant data on which to base levels.

@Mipegr - seems possible to me that this behaviour is by design. Seems logical that if you found a workout hard then you’re at a slightly lower level than if you found it moderate. Otherwise what’s the point of the questionnaire? Maybe when you answer Hard it just dials down the secondary adaptations by X%, and that was just enough to take them from 0.1 to 0 after rounding.

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WOW! This is like the “I’ve been on TR for 6 weeks and my FTP went from 175 to 300” content! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This was a custom wo…

10 min @ 90ftp 60-65 rpm
10 min @ 92ftp 60-65 rpm
10 min @ 95ftp 60-65 rpm
(consecutive set)

10 min E

12 min @ 90
12 min @ 94
12 min @ 98
12 min @ 91
(4 -5 min E between)

15 @ 70
15 @ 60


I had reset my FTP that day… so that might be the reason it went up that much…

the workout was tagged as “Do not attempt” by TR… I should have listen… It was extremely hard.


I think a little clarity might be in order from the TR team. Are secondary PL’s fixed, static values for a given workout, the way the Primary is? Or is there some math going on behind the scenes, as @cartsman suggests?

Did Truchas -2 this morning, which brought my Sweet Spot level to 5.4 (from 5.0) and Tempo to 3.5 (from 3.2), even though I answered “Hard” and got the secondary questionnaire. I agree that I end up tagging most productive workouts (at least for SS and above) as Hard.

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