Android 7 and above

Just had an email advising that the new app will only work on Android devices above 6.
Ive sent tech a question as I’m running it on a Sony tablet running android 6 as it has built in Ant+.

:thinking: Is this going to be an issue for more folks? Just wondering.

I’m wondering if I could use it to access the desktop system and may try that later. This would then seem to be the minimum bar for AT?

I don’t update my tech much as I have no need until now, maybe…

Might have to look at very cheap laptops again. :grin:

Maybe it’s possible to update the tablet with a customROM to android 7 or higher?
That’s how I kept my previous phone alive, beyond it’s intended lifespan :grin:
Not sure though, if it works just as easily on tablets.