Analysis tools - feature request

I assume this has been covered by other forum members in some form beforehand but I figured I would post it anyway.

Do you guys think you can add some basic analysis functionalities like…

(1) Efficiency
(2) Power/Heart Rate
(3) Cadence in zone (1-6)
(4) HR decoupling for a workout
(5) Time spent in zones 1 to 6 (totals by HR and Power)
(6) Time spent in zones for a workout (by heart rate in addition to power zones)
(7) Max heart rate in a given period (eg months)
(8) Total hours by sportive (eg running, swimming, cycling)
(9) Total distance and altitude covered (for outdoor rides)

You could aggregate the information in a cockpit under career. Perhaps also apply the seasons concept. It would be super helpful to have those additional insights.

I am aware that all of this is covered by, though I would very much prefer to not share my data with Strava. Perhaps a direct connection to could be a quick fix?

Curious to learn what you guys think.



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Time in zones is already available. It’s at the bottom of the workout analysis page

Thanks for the comment!

Unfortunately, the time in zone is based on power. It would be helpful to also have this information for heart rate (eg to see whether VO2 workouts are efficient).

No problem. Your other items in the list mentioned HR so I assumed this one was power.

For what it’s worth, i think TR stores a lot of data from our rides that isn’t easily accessible in a summarised form, so I hope this is something they address.

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This sounds VERY close to TP… and I LIKE!

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You are right, I added to the point to make it more clear.

Thanks :slight_smile: Currently is tied to Strava. I am going to be fixing that problem soon with integration with Garmin Connect initially. I don’t really have any choice. Strava has been ignoring rate limit increase requests for some time and that effectively caps the number of users an app can have.


That’s fantastic news David! A direct connection to Garmin connect would do the trick for me. Do you have an ETA on that? :sweat_smile:

Anyway, ultimately, I would also expect TR to offer some basic metrics on HR and Power. Perhaps for a quick snapshot. Though I would still use your service for the heavy lifting. :blush:

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I can see them eventually going that route. But i think it will take sometime for them to do it. They have way too many things on their plate, specially with the new apps (android and iOS) and the much waited run/swim integration.

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I think TR made the conscious choice not to rely too heavily on HR related metrics because they can be so variable and for newer folks I think the metrics can be overwhelming and confusing. For those of us with more experience and knowledge, it’s cool to have some more measures at our disposal, but I think for the most part too many metrics just end up being overwhelming. I think it makes sense for TR to stick with the basics

It is going to take a while unfortunately. It’s quite a lot of work :frowning:

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Except for #7, all that has been in the paid version of TrainingPeaks for years.

At some point, if you want more detailed sophisticated data analysis, you just need to bite the bullet and supplement TR with another more focused tool. TR is a workout/plan tool and serious higher end data analysis is probably always going to be 2nd fiddle to the main focus. Nothing wrong with that. Turning TR into WKO5 or even just into TrainingPeaks would cost a lot, make the interface more complex and probably not net many new subscribers.

And also would lead to a price increase, probably…

#7 is in TrainingPeaks for entire years and all-time. With paid TP I get top three notifications for 2020 and all-time on HR and power for various timeframes (5-sec, 1-min, 5-min, etc.).

TP and WKO are excellent tools. If you wanted nothing on the cloud, anywhere, you could buy WKO, install on a computer, and transfer files from bike computer to computer. I’m syncing from Garmin Connect to TP.

I forgot about the period max data! My training has been so lax I haven’t set a new max in anything since June :frowning:

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WKO5 is incredibly powerful and flexible. And yes I’ve used intervals, nice basic tool but not in the same league as WKO5.

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then I guess you meant “sophisticated” = “better to look at” - I can only speak for myself, but function beats form.

With WKO I can answer sophisticated “what happened after a block or two of training” questions quickly and easily. Function over form. I’d rather have the ability to perform deeper data analysis with my own criteria than have basic data and very limited analysis.

Then you’ve obviously never really used them in any meaningful way.

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Totally support your request, I’d love to see TR actually treat HR as a valid metric.

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IMHO, TR will never expand HR metrics beyond the little bit they have right now.