Anaerobic intervals in Erg mode

I’m doing my first Anaerobic TR workout this weekend. It is 20 second repeats at 180% FTP.

I have a wahoo kickr , just a few years old.
I’ve noticed on longer levels that it often will take five seconds or more to get up the proper resistance, so I’m wondering, with an interval of only 20 seconds if I lose 25% of the interval, will I lose the purpose of the workout, and should I try and figure out a way to do it in resistance mode .

Yes. In the main Smart turbos are too slow to adjust for these intervals, turn off ERG and go manual.


You’ll find that its probably only a couple of seconds and that there is a slight delay on the power on screen due to in app power smoothing. Have a closer look at the post workout graph to see what the actual recorded power is doing.


I have noticed that if I get up the cadence to my target cadence about 5-7 seconds before and have it steady the kickr will be faster to get to the right power target but if i wait until the interval starts it takes longer before it hit the target.

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If you look at the recovery portion you will probably see a slight delay there as well so the total work is likely about the same albeit a bit offset. Total work is imo equally important as power.

I usually keep a cadence slightly lower than my target during the interval. That way I can take advantage of the flywheel mass as I accelerate into the interval to better meet the mean power target of the work interval.

You won’t lose the purpose of the workout.


Do them in resistance mode and go as hard as you can go


This times 1000. To expand - Erg mode isn’t the biggest problem here. A very specific workout Target power prescription here is. Not that it is horrible, but it could better. Saying 180% of FTP might be absolutely perfect for you, but could be too low, or too high. I would rather see the workout say something like “Turn off erg mode and go as hard as you can for 20 seconds. Target 160-190% of power. Quit repeats if your repeats fall below 120% of FTP”.