Anaerobic capacity and unrolling the carpet

Almost made it thru sleeping deer today, four 4 minute intervals at 106% ftp and it got me wondering about anaerobic capacity. My understanding is that anaerobic capacity is a pool of energy above ftp that, when exhausted, requires you to slow down. You can burn thru this energy fast or slow but it’s finite, you’ve like to use it at the right time and you will be slowing down once it’s used up.

So OK you’re in your time trial, busting along at ftp, and say you have made it thru 4 minute intervals at 106% in training. Does this mean you can ramp up to 106% for the last 4 mintues of your race? It doesn’t feel like you can…but maybe you can?

Am I on the right track here?


‘In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.’ - Yogi Berra