Am I in for a world of hurt?

Hello all! So I added in 6 new events that all happen to take place in my specialty phase (previously none recorded). I just finished month 1 of my build phase, and finished my last recovery/endurance ride. I added in my new events, and the plan builder shifted a bunch of things around. I ended up changing my 1:15 days to Sunday, instead of Saturday…which duplicated workouts and had me doing 2 work outs on some days…

The biggest issue was that it scheduled me yet another ramp test for today… (I have one in two days) and then would have me do yet another week of recovery. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a revert button, so instead of doing yet another recovery week, I added a couple of workouts from the similar vein workouts for my current build schedule…I picked ones that had slightly less TSS…but effectively increased my build phase by one more week.

Am I in for a world or hurt? Or should I be fine? I am doing the low volume plan.

Sounds like a bug I would message support and see if they can get you sorted. 2 a days aren’t supposed to be a thing for cycling plans I don’t think

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Yup, HTFU.

Just kidding.

Did you previously manually edit the plan at all? I think any manual entries won’t be overridden by Plan Builder.

If not, then it’s probably a bug.

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Yeah, I started with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday workouts, when my work schedule changed I manually moved all of my Saturday workouts over to Sunday. When the plan recalculated, I said, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday workouts…I think that is what caused the duplicates to pop up.

I went through and deleted all of the duplicates, making sure the ones I kept were the same vein of training. So like if there was a random recovery ride in the specialty phase etc. The main thing was that it tried to double my current recovery week, when on Tuesday I’m suppose to start up my part 2 of my build phase…so I deleted this duplicate recovery week and added a few new build workouts…I’m wondering if this will hinder me in anyway.