Alacrity fuel & hydration app: User inquiries

Just stop right there mister. Some things aren’t meant to be said out loud. Peanut butter calories don’t count. Breakfast milkshakes are health food. Someone on the internet said so.


This is science. Its a fact.

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While I’m not @OreoCookie , I’m interested in this. Specifically, I’d like to know:

  1. Where can I source high-quality ingredients from? Can you name companies/brands; alternatively, what should we look for when researching?
  2. Anything we need to know about mixing? Better to mix by serving, in small batches, or in bulk?
  3. What am I not asking that I should in order to move from high-quality branded mixes (SIS, Maurten, skratch) to home-made, or at least home-mixed?



This is a great question. There are many that will work just fine. Would you find it off-putting if we included links to stuff in the app somewhere? I’ve hesitated here because I don’t want to come off as “selling” anything. But if that would be helpful, (and a couple folks have said that it would), it’s definitely something we would consider.

The app will help you mix your drink for each ride. Each ride may have some sports drink powder, plus whatever products you choose, and it tells you how to put them all together. You can also use ingredients like salt or sugar to optimize.

App spells out exactly what to use for each ride, optimized based on you, plus the characteristics of the ride.

Are you one of the beta testers using the app right now? Just want to know if you’d seen it yet because it might help me answer better.

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It would be great to have links in the app!
I don’t have enough knowledge in the space to assess the makers and sellers, so I’d rather rely on expert recommendations than put in the 30-50 hours necessary to develop the knowledge to assess makers.

Completely understand your position re: the forum.

Yes I’m currently using it for my training sessions and rides. Also am on the Discord channel, although I don’t keep good track of it right now…

Thank you!!!

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Putting this here as an update.

We’ll be sending out emails to all of you who have completed the sign-up for beta, sometime before the new year, to get you all into one final bug-smashing beta testing round before our planned launch in early January.


Really is a great app

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