Ainsle +4 vs Tionail

OK I Have a question regarding the categorization of these 2 workouts.
All watts based on my FTP!
Ainsle +4 is said to be Threshold wo.
Tionail is said to be Vo2 max wo.

Ainsle +4 has 6x4min at 301W with 4 min recovery in between.
Tionail has 3x4minat 298W with 4 min recovery in between.

How can Ainsle +4 be a threshold WO with lower wattage and less repetition?
Shouldn’t in be the other way around?

Or am I missing something?

There is more repetition (6 vs 4) of the near-FTP parts and the workout lasts 15 minutes longer, so the categorization seems correct to me. (And the rest intervals are at lower wattage, but less relevant)

You can ask about the difficulty though: why Tionail, which is easier, is VO2Max 3.8 and Ainslie +4 is Threshold 2.8 :slight_smile: No wonder Threshold workouts feel harder than VO2Max ones :smiling_face_with_tear: