AI FTP with ONLY scheduled workouts

Hi! I’m curious how AI FTP works if I only do the scheduled workouts. Other than completing them or not, what other variables are factored into AI FTP changes? e.g. is heart rate considered, or my feedback on feel? I’m trying to decide whether to give it a go or not and would like to understand a bit better

AI ftp detection works just fine with scheduled workouts only. I have not done an unstructured outdoor ride since mid-October and it has put my ftp right where it needs to be for training. Hit the button and then decide to keep it or not. You can still do whatever ftp test you want to if you don’t like/trust the given ftp number.


Understood, thanks! I guess a part of me still wants to understand how it works a little more, notwithstanding the ability to do an FTP test at any point in time. I’m keen to gain comfort in AI FTP quickly so I can focus on doing the workouts and not think about it

Have you checked out their official article, that covers the basics at least?

Yes! thank you! a little vague on the details - specifically which personal biometrics are being used…