AI FTP Detection Is Now Available for Everyone! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

I’ve been using TR for about 3 mo. I hate FTP Tests and the AI FTP seems to great to be true. I see my improvement daily but between each block, the AI FTP seems to increase my FTP my a fair amount… can I really trust it? I’m really doubting myself here so…

Are you still nailing most workouts? If you are then things are going as planned.

What do you consider a “fair amount” for your FTP increase? Before the three months on TR had you done much structure?

There’s always the old adage “trust, but verify.” I know you hate them, I do to, but a ramp test can help verify if you really need to.

Yes, I can finish 95% of the workouts. Some easy, some moderate, some hard, really few really hard.

My first Ramp test on TR was on November with 199, Then 213 in early December, 228 in early Jan then this week 235… I guess I started using AI FTP since the beginning of November.

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These numbers seem ok to me. Increases of 5 or 6ish percent.

I’m coming off of mostly not riding through the summer and progressing about the same rate since October though the increases are starting to drop off.

The early gains come a bit easier for most.

I’d keep on keeping on if I were you and just enjoy the FTP bumps as they come.

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Like some others on this thread, my 28 days has got out of sync from my plan structure because I missed running it at the beginning of a 4 week phase somewhere. I’m 1.5 weeks away from the next Ramp test in my plan (my Tri Build is 12 not the standard 8 weeks, so I’m in my final hard week, then knockback week, then start of next 4 week block). The plan has a ramp test at the beginning of week 9.

I’m 30-35 days since last AI FTP and was intending to wait for the ramp test to re-align. But then I deleted a planned time off next week and the plan adapted. This meant my brick tempo workout today dropped off to be replaced with a ramp test. With the ramp test in 1.5 weeks staying in.

So: I don’t want to do a ramp today, it’s supposed to be Tempo Brick. To get a normal workout back in the schedule, I would need to run AI FTP and accept or not. Either way, I think it resets my 28 days.

Suggestion: Allow an override of the 28 days for any Ramp tests generated by plan builder or system to allow AI FTP to be kept in line with plan progressions.

The 28 day rule would still prevent itchy FTP syndrome, but solve for occasions where you forget to run the AI FTP at the beginning of a 4week/6week/8week/12week block. Or the plan changes significantly.

I find it hilarious that the page telling me I have to wait 28 days until my next AI FTP Detection counts down the remaining time to the second.


Hi Nate,

I’m wondering if you have graphs for say the second and third workouts, or maybe the second week after AIFTP detection?

I’m discussing with forum members a lot about how even an inaccurate FTP would lead the system “correcting itself” though workout analysis, PLs and feedback, but I realise I am assuming this to be the case rather than knowing.

I would think that if the 1st workout is a 95% pass rate across the customer base, then all other things being equal the second and third would be 95% if AIFTP was accurate in the first place, 96% or more if a significant amount of corrective activity is going on?