AI FTP detection as motivation during injury recovery

Just a quick post to say how seeing my AI FTP numbers decrease during a recent injury recovery motivated me to get back on the bike. Thank you TrainerRoad!

I relocated to Denmark with my company half way through last year and as one does in Denmark I decided to pick up cycling as a hobby. My company sponsors a charity ride each year where we ride the Tour de France mountain stages in a 4 day trip in June.

So I signed up, bought a bike and a trainer. I’m 53 years old and I hadn’t ridden a bike or done any sort of endurance activity since high school. When I started riding last July I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest after 5 km but with the help of TrainerRoad I got my FTP up to 236W and I was able to ride outside for 90min at an average power of over 205W. Unfortunately I fell during a group ride 4 weeks ago and broke my collarbone. I let myself heal and rest for a couple of weeks but I have to say that watching my AI FTP drop during this time was the biggest motivator to get me back on the trainer (cleared by my doctor and physio therapist). I can now ride with one hand and I’ve worked my way back up to doing full workouts. It’s going to be a month or two before I’ll be back to riding outside but I’ve got a shot at building the fitness necessary to ride in the Alps in June!

IThank you TrainerRoad for your science based approach to building fitness and giving me the knowledge necessary to effectively/efficiently train and recover.


FTP detection can be a strange motivator. I still do the ramp tests, but I find that one of the key motivators for hanging on that extra 15 seconds is trying to beat the FTP estimate. I know it is kind of a childish game, but so much of bike racing is coming up with mental tricks to hang on for another 15 seconds.