AI FTP Button - Feature request

Just a thought… the button that says AIFTP… when the message pops up saying that you can’t access until 14 days after your last FTP… it should give you a count down to when it will be available.

I had a ramp test/AI FTP in my plan that was on the 12th day, so have moved it to the 14th day… but I don’t want to do the ramp… so I’m having to wait for exactly 14 days to be up and I don’t know when that is :slight_smile:

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A countdown is a great idea! I think we have some features in the pipeline that will help athletes like yourself that dont want to have to ‘engineer’ AI FTP Schedules to avoid tests; they’re on the way.
In the meantime, now that your Ramp Test is moved to just a few days before your A race, you’ll be served an alternate workout instead of that test.

While I have you here on the forum, I want to make sure you dont have any questions about leading up to that A CX race? Do you think you’ll be able squeeze in an opener workout like Cajon the Friday prior, or during pre-ride Friday if thats an option? Leaving those two days empty before the A race may leave you feeling less-than-snappy on race day, definitely want to avoid that if possible!

Let me know if you have questions or need to bounce ideas off me, I’m here to help.

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Hi Ivy
Thanks for coming back to me.
I’ll absolutely try and fit an opener in before the race. I’m trying to follow the TR plan as closely as possible and it’s really working for me… from 221 to 261w since June. I’m looking forward to a full(er) CX season thanks to TR