Aerobic and Anaerobic workouts together

I know this has been covered in a podcast, I even can picture Chad doing a deep dive on this in my pea brain, but I don’t specifically recall what was the best approach. I am not training for bike racing, but I do have several 100+ mile rides coming up in May-July. This question is more about being a healthy human in general with a bit of a timing restriction, which I am sure most of us have.

Also for this question, I am currently just doing Z2 running. I save my legs to do harder workouts on the bike.

SO, the question: I have my strength training and running on the same day. I will have to do them back to back. If I am recalling what was said in the podcast, I should do my strength training, then endurance running. I really can’t give much time between the 2, maybe 30 minutes would be the most I can schedule in. If I am remembering the podcast, I believe a 5 hour window between Anaerobic and Aerobic was suggested.

Does the order matter?
Will Z2 running mess with the gains from strength training when they are this close together?

I am wondering if the same would be true for the bike, if I did a VO2max, and then just rode easy for another hour at recovery/low endurance pace, but immediately after no 5 hour window. I think this was discussed as well in the podcast.

Thanks in advance for any advise.

I think the priority effort goes first.

I always cycle before weights, and do weights straight after if it’s my s&c day.

It’s not exactly ‘optimal’ but like you, you have to do what you can in order to get them in and accept the weights may suffer however just doing some weights at all is super beneficial so I always do them.

Today I was fortunate to be able to do a strength only session and could push the weights a bit more.

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