Aerobars that allow access to brake hoses

I really love designs that solve problems.

  • Hide cables
  • Allow easy access to them incase you need to make adjustments

I was very impressed with the new Propel and bought one. Part of the reason was this awesome new stem

I’m wondering if such solution exists for aero handlebars yet? Cables are routed internally but maybe you can unscrew a cover and get them out easily type of thing.

I have a side question, I have been eyeing the new propel. Does that stem have any type of fairing or cover that goes on?

Thats a rather large cavity at the front of the bike, im curious about the aerodynamics of it.

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What adjustments are you looking to make? Move the stem up and down? Play with the placement of your hoods?

Any bar can have the cables routed externally if you wrap them under the tape. If you put the cables at the trailing edge of the bar, it might even improve the aero.

There are some bars that specifically have a channel underneath for the cables. Unfortunately I can’t remember which ones.

Possibly similar to putting electrical tape over the cavity under SPD-SL pedals; marginal at best.

Maybe worth doing under that stem through winter to avoid muck accumulation, though.

My Enve handlebars have this channel under them

Not that I know of! I think a snug fit 3d print type thing would be a nice hack for that. I don’t mind the “aero loss” cause shockingly I’m not getting a Propel for aero benefits but like someone mentioned, avoiding muck in there would be nice.

Yeah I think a channel like that is best bet! I don’t want to route in internal routing bar externally as it just makes it thicker and perhaps unsightly.

Looks like Enve is one of the options.

I said adjustments but I’m thinking more about travel. I fly with my bike 3-4 times a year. Hope to continue doing that even more so when I permanently locate to the UK to travel to Europe for riding.

I know bike boxes work with just losening and turning stem around etc but in my experience it has been safer to fully take out the handlebars and secure them separately from the frame.

(or I travel with my rim brake bike and this is a non-issue :rofl:)

Yup, same here… this isn’t exactly a new concept either. A number of brands have done something similar over the years. I know Canyon did it on some of their earliest integrated bar / stem combos.

This one? It is indeed the best solution I’ve seen. I wish every disc brake frame shipped with a bar like this honestly. I guess then you have to make the stem and bar integrated though. But yeah clean looks. Still super accessible. You can remove levers without disconnecting hoses. Love it.


Actually you know what I’m realizing is that we don’t need handlebar designs accommodating what I need.

We need groupset manufacturers to figure out a system where you you can disconnect / reconnect hoses without big bolts attached around them so that you can pull them through small handlebar holes and stems etc.

Cervelo is another option. Their AB09 has big deep grooves, that go all the way in to the stem clamping area, and their AB06 has a bit shallower and shorter grooves, but plenty of room for a hose and di2 wire. The Pro PLT Ergo Carbon has a similar setup.