Aero Tips (i.e. how to spend more time in Aero)

So I have been thinking of ways to get myself to spend more time in Aero. I do some decent time down there but not as much as I think I am capable of. So I wanted to trick myself into doing more time there… here’s what I did and its worked wonders over the past 8 weeks more than tripling my time in aero.

Move / Adjust your fan while on the bike so it only hits your full body in the aero position. Thus when you get out of aero, you get less fan, evil yes but man this works well.

So a simple mind game to tell yourself and remind yourself, aero is good!

Try it, would love to know if it helps anyone else get faster (aero is faster if your not dropping watts)


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I normally have my monitors (one for TR/Zwift, the other with a Chromecast connected to it for Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music, etc) higher up on a bookshelf so when I make it a point that I’m going to train in the aerobars I can’t see them that well and have to keep my head up high. So I make sure to move them down onto a bench that helps keep my head tucked low like I want on the road. Switching bikes to my Tri bike also helps :joy:.

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Awesome! I have my screens positions so I can see them in aero in the way I would look up while riding on the road as I don’t want to get use to looking down all the time as on the roads in and around London thats super dangerous.