Aero Road Handlebars + Clip-On Aero Extensions

I’m looking for an aero road bar (flat, wing shaped tops) that’s also compatible with some clip on tri bars.
I’m giving my old road bike some love, gonna upgrade the 7900 to R8000 and a few other bits, and I’d like some aero bars, for looks mostly, but I also want to be able to throw on the tri bars for the local TT, and, as usual, I don’t want to break the bank.

Does anyone have any recommendations for this very specific set of criteria?

There’s a few. Only one that immediately springs to mind is the 3T aeronova

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I’ve been using the selcof drop bars with integrated threaded holes for aerobar posts on my gravel bike for a good little while now. Solid, cheap, aero. And it allows me to ride fairly aggressive drops but a fairly sky high aerobar pos’n.

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I don’t know if this falls into your definition of “won’t break the bank” but Enve sells clip ons that are compatible with their aero drop bars.

Vision Metron 4D…has dedicated mounts for Vision aerobars.


Sounds interesting. What model are you running?

I use Giant’s Contact SLR bars. They make clip ons designed to go specifically for them. So a great set there!

And the clip on attachments:


I have these and whilst there is enough space for clip ons, I’m loath to fit them though as IIRC the clamping force for a set of clip ons was higher than the recommended setting for the stem.

I have enve aero bars and they make a clip on aero set that I also have and use for TTs. Very nice set up, I highly recommend

Understandable that you feel that way.

I’d guess that maybe, because the aero bars are longer than the drop bar reach, the extra leverage means more torque on the clamp bolts is required

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selcof ‘ultra carbon aero road’ bars w/ the selcof tribar extensions

Bontrager makes an aluminum aero bar which will take any clip on bar. Alternatively you can use a Profile Design Lightning Stryke aero bar clipped to a Lava/Hammer stem. Ive used both and both are good.

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These have a good design, light weight (185g) and er…high price: Tri alternative version:

I was interested in these but it seems like they are no longer available with no replacement model equivalent.

I have same question as OP with additional requirement of a standard round mounting point next to stem, vs a proprietary aerobar option.

Have been using redshift bars and the quick release is too good to give up - not aware of anything else like it as I take them on and off once a week on average.

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This is the handlebar I’ve got on my road bike (that I used to use in triathlons with the Redshift seat post and aerobar set). The Bontrager Elite Aero VR-CF in aluminum are under $100.

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That little venge areobar looks super cool…anything like that out there for normal bikes? Or can you put that bar on any bike?

I got the confirmation from Specialized support that S-works Shallow carbon handlebar is compatibile with clip-on aero bars (both carbon and alu).


Does anyone know if there area any ways to attach TT bars to a bike with Aeolus RSL VR-C aero handlebars? I know Giant makes (made?) something for the Propel’s aero handlebars and ENVE makes a similar product for their own bars. I wonder if there’s a reason you couldn’t have a machine shop make some similar that could clamp onto these bars.

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Did you have any luck finding a clip on aerobar for the Aeolus RSL VR-C bars? I’d like to get the new Emonda with the Force 12x set up, and then add on clip on aerobars and blip shifters for the 2 TT’s I do each year.

No, but I was only asking for a friend. I too poor to ride a bike with integrated handlebars.