Advice: Sweet Spot Base High Volume and Running


I am currently working through sustained power build mid volume. I slightly modified the plan by adding endurance and sweet spot time. Clocking in at around 11 hours per week. Additionally, I run between 1.5 and 2.0 hours per week.

As I am now approaching the end of my build, I figured I would go back to sweet spot base high volume 1 and 2. Though I am not too sure how I would factor running in.

I thought I would do my two runs on Thursday and Sunday. An hour or so each. Monday and Friday I would schedule an active recovery session and subsequently cut the endurance session on Fridays.

What do you think? How would you go about it?

Any feedback is appreciated, cheers!

I’d keep all the runs super easy. No need for any heavy breathing with those.

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I’m doing SSBHV1 and running about 2-3 hours a week. I’ve spread my runs into 3 shorter (30-40min) ones with 1 longer run per week. I find the shorter sessions seem more manageable mentally after killing myself on the bike, and I can still get a little bit of speedwork in there.
I have found the quality of my runs suffer on SSBHV though, that plan incurs a fair bit of fatigue. It’s not a huge concern to me as I’m a strong runner and happy to focus on cycling for a bit, but if I wanted to weight the two disciplines more equally I’d use a MV plan. Multisport TSS hits pretty differently to cycling TSS- I usually average around 850-900 TSS balancing all 3 sports, but 700 from a primarily cycling plan is about all I want to do :laughing:

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@toribath97 I thought about that too. Running in the morning 2-3 times for 30-40 minutes and then do one longer 1.5 hour run on Sunday. Bike in the evening and before the run on Sunday

How do you time your runs? Spread out or immediately before/after the ride?

550-650 bike TSS is the ballpark I am aiming for. Running 150-300. No swimming these days. :slight_smile:

I usually run before breakfast, because I prefer to do my higher priority workouts in the evening. (I think that’s backwards from most people though!)
I do tend to do my long run earlier in the week though (usually Wednesday) but that’s mostly because I don’t really enjoy long runs and I know if I schedule it alongside a 2 hour SS session I’ll probably skip it. :roll_eyes: So instead I usually do a short brick run after one of the weekend sessions- but I can see the long run working on Sunday, especially if you have the Monday as a rest day.
The biggest thing I’ve found is I have to be a little more flexible with my running- I’ll shift the days around according to feel and my pace can vary depending on what I’ve done on the bike. It’s been refreshing mentally as well.


@toribath97 Thanks a lot for the insight. I guess we have a quite similar approach. :slight_smile:

i am a beginner triathlete but running is not my favorite activity. i am on SSBMV1 now and i am doing my runs straight after each bike session. Usually it will be a short 30min base run after SS or O/U and longer base runs after zone2 rides. Since most events are cancelled I see no need to up the run milage or do speed work right now. My main concern is will doing brick runs right after SS or O/U bike session affect the muscle adaptation that the interval sessions are targeting?

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It’s doable - I used to run decent marathons (2:47) and do triathlon in my youth. I then started doing tt in the summer and marathons in the winter. I now just tt with a few short 10-15min runs to relieve the boredom and to help with 51 year old bone density. Be careful though I did HV last year and all the long SS really tightened up my hamstrings and calf muscles so factor in some foam rolling and stretching time!

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Quick update:

I am now one workout short of finishing the SSBHV1 training block. I took all the workouts as prescribed and added one hour of endurance work and one and a half hours of running per week. The majority of the runs were 30 minutes long with two one hour exceptions.

I felt good throughout the training block and didn’t have any problems getting the work done. Pretty happy with it.

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I am amazed you were able to do build MV and run. I looked at it as I am at that point (did SSBMV and ran). I know that volume, plus work, plus family, and swim would crush me.
Glad to hear things are working out for you.

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Thank you!

To be honest the MV Sustained Power Build with the added endurance hours and the running was way harder than this SSBHV1 block. Even though it had basically the same added endurance riding and running.

I guess I could continue with the sweetspot base rides for a few more weeks. That wasn’t an option at the end of the build. Back then I was sick of all the intensity. :sweat_smile: