Advice on selling older mountain bike

Is mount, if you do go adapter route you’ll need a bigger disc they normally end up going up 20mm.

You UK based?

Thanks Chad!

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Ah, I see. That’s good info thank you. No, I am east coast US.

I’ve got an SLX brake on my bike and an adapter that looks like this one: Shimano60mm Is Disc Brake Adaptor | Jenson USA but I don’t think it’s a shimano branded part., I know avid and many other companies make them, we used to have a bin full of them at the co-op. I assume most any LBS would have something if you tell them you have an IS mount on the rear and whatever size rotor you have.

My lbs has the adapter but said they had no replacement brake I could purchase, referenced the pandemic parts shortage 🤦

In the PNW that would easily sell for 500 bucks :man_shrugging:t3:

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As someone going through this exact process, DO NOT SELL YOUR BIKE until you have a new one in your actual possession! I ordered a new bike early last Aug. It was supposed to arrive in January, then April. Now I may not get it this year. So I have spent the past year just trying to fix up my old bike.

Do you know what’s harder than getting a new bike during a pandemic? Getting replacement parts for a 26er. Both shocks went at the same time (FML) and it took 6 mo to get replacements. Even then I could only find 100m 26 QR fork, not the 120 I had. I was unable to ride MTB until late fall. I also had to replace my drivetrain (SLX).

The good news is you can ignore most people on this post. Because of the pandemic I was able to sell my well used 1999 Marin Mt Vision for $700, which pre-pandemic I was going to give away.

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This is good advice, thanks. Its crazy how difficult it is to find parts. I have been poking around the internet trying to find brakes that are in stock and don’t cost a crazy amount. I ordered replacement reservoir cap to fix my current brake but it was some unknown store in france and at this point was 10 days ago or something. I think I just gave that money away lol.

Sounds like you are on the path of just doctoring up your current bike. I’m in the same situation with my longer travel bike…its a 2014 Santa Cruz Blur LT2 (150mm travel 26er, Carbon). I was planning to replace it/move parts (I put an XT 11sp drivetrain and a Fox dropper on it a couple of years back to stretch its life) to get me to newer geometry and larger wheels, but I’ve decided to hold off as the market is tough right now. I think you are doing the right thing to fix your brakes and look at upgrading when things return to normal. The entry level Shimano Deore brakes are great if you can find them (Jenson only shows the fronts in stock).

When you do decide to upgrade, it’d be great if you can move your XTR parts over. Those aren’t cheap. If you had upgraded with lower cost components, then I’d recommend to just sell the bike for whatever you can get for it…but with those pricey components on an older bike you won’t ever get much for them…assuming you are okay with keeping an 11sp setup.

It was definitely stupid of me to upgrade my 26er with xtr. At the time it had 9 speed xtr so I sold them on ebay and it didn’t seem like a huge splurge. Now it seems idiotic.
Appreciate the advice on entry level deore brakes. If I can get this bike working properly again I probably won’t even think about selling it for a while, but when it acts up I get anxious to discover the joys of modern xc bikes :slight_smile:

Was in the same situation with my old Trek Remedy from 2008! No resale value to speak of.
ended up giving the shock and frame away, and repurposing the other parts into a super fun hardtail.

Got one of these frames for cheap: Cotic BFe26