Advice on getting through the first few Base workouts

Starting the sweet spot base. Tomorrow I do Baxter. What are your tips that you wish you knew, when you were just starting out here? Set up? nutrition? etc.


Don’t overthink things too much at this stage. You’ll know soon enough if you need to have longer warmups/cooldowns, need to eat during rides. Experiment with riding as soon as you wake up or after you finish work, find a natural cadence and just keep consistent because results will follow.
Best of luck


This ^

Just allow yourself to enjoy the challenges and the process. Whatever your goals or reason for training, look for the little victories.

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I wish I had discovered the podcast sooner.

I wouldn’t keep trying to speed up my progression through the different phases.

That’s it. Stick to the plan and have fun.

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A towel or two, water, fan and maybe some music. You’ll be fine :+1:


Only doing the workouts outside so perhaps my experience will be a bit different but so far I haven’t found the workouts to be really hard. It’s not like they feel easy but just the right amount of work is required. I’m not completely wasted after a session but you do get the feeling that you had a nice workout. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t worry to much about at least the first couple of workouts (if you ftp is set right).

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thanks everyone. I appreciate the input.