Advice on Basin

I read this as Out of the saddle on all 3 ramps. Anyone else have a different interpretation?


Basin is 4x6-minute sets of out-of-the-saddle ramps into briefly sustained segments, all ending in an anaerobic out-of-the-saddle surge.

The format is 1 minute at 85% FTP plus a 1-minute ramp to 95% FTP. Then, 1 minute at 95% FTP is followed by a 30-second ramp to 105% FTP where you’ll stay for 1 minute before surging to 130% FTP over the next 30 seconds.

The final kick includes 30 seconds at 130% FTP and a 30-second ramp to 150% FTP.

Each recovery valley between intervals is 6 minutes long.

Yes, the instructions in the workout follow that, stand during the power ramp ups.

I actually do that on the 1st and 3rd set, but reverse the order (stand on the “flats”) of the 2nd and 4th sets. Interesting variety to add and alters the feel of the set by mixing the hard finish with a seated vs standing effort.

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I see 4 ramps.
Looks like sitting when the power line is flat, and standing when its increasing

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