Advice for a newcomer

Hi all I’m new to trainerroad community and need some advice.

I’m just about to embark on a training plan with the aim of peaking for this year’s Etape Du Tour

I’m going to follow the recommended advice and use SSB 1/2 followed by the Sustained power build and finally the Century specialisation plan.
The problem I have is that I have a number of sportives prior to the Etape, two of which I believe need a bit of respect. I was wondering how to incorporate these and other events within the plan?

I was also wondering how to incorporate social weekend rides with my girlfriend and riding buddies into the training plans? I want to get faster, but also want to participate in the social side of cycling. Also should I do the Ramp test now regardless of my current state of fitness?

Dates for upcoming events
Gran Fondo Gimondi 5th May 3000m elevation

Vätternrundan 15th June

Etape Du Tour 21st July
4500m elevation
Thanking you all in advance.

For the sportives that fall before your A race, you can incorporate them in your training plan by replacing weekend workouts or building in a small taper. You’ll just need to modify the week of the event a little.

The same goes for your social rides, just replace the scheduled workout with an outdoor ride.

Lastly, we definitely recommend doing the Ramp Test at the beginning of your training plan so that we can accurately adjust your workouts to your fitness level. Test often!

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