Additional sprint training Short PB MV

Hey all,

I’m looking to add Birling -3 to Short PB MV to improve my sprinting.

I understand adding it to the Wednesday Pettit/endurance session would be wisest, however I’m pretty busy at work, so this session is almost always dropped.

I tried adding it the the end Sunday sweet spot workout last week, which felt ok.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated.


Having done Short PB (and will be starting it in a month or so for this season), and having done Birling… I’m not sure the place for that workout is really sandwiched between the Tues/Thurs workouts of MV. Though there are a few sprint efforts in there, they are less taxing than the longer all out efforts. I also want to work in some this year (mainly because the last 2 seasons the only time I sprint are in races… ).

Some options I’m considering:

  1. Completing sprint efforts before the Sunday sweet spot ride. Or, change Sunday to sprints followed by long slow distance when I can.
    My reasoning for this is: a) I want to train all out sprint efforts fresh, b) I can work in sprints at the end of nearly any other ride to do them with some fatigue in my legs.
  2. Swapping out a couple workouts for sprint work (Striped is what I have on my calendar, but I think coach chad mentioned Red and White as another in a recent podcast), and/or adding 1-2 weeks of dedicated sprint training (Birling, Detling, Charing).