Additional recovery week on demand


It would be great if there were a one-click solution to entering an additional recovery week on demand. I know that I could simply do an easy week and let AT adjust the following plan. However wouldn’t it make sense to structure the load-unload mesocycle after a recovery week? This would make sure that you get a full training block before the next recovery week. Especially since I guess that you would probably enter that additional recovery week towards the end of a training block, so you might otherwise be left with just one loading week before the originally planned recovery week.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think input like an additional load week, additional recovery week or an “add training camp” button would be huge. If we could add in training camp blocks the same way we add vacation blocks, that would be SUPER helpful for time crunched riders or people with irregular schedules.


Thanks! Passing along to the team.