Additional recovery week on demand


It would be great if there were a one-click solution to entering an additional recovery week on demand. I know that I could simply do an easy week and let AT adjust the following plan. However wouldn’t it make sense to structure the load-unload mesocycle after a recovery week? This would make sure that you get a full training block before the next recovery week. Especially since I guess that you would probably enter that additional recovery week towards the end of a training block, so you might otherwise be left with just one loading week before the originally planned recovery week.

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I think input like an additional load week, additional recovery week or an “add training camp” button would be huge. If we could add in training camp blocks the same way we add vacation blocks, that would be SUPER helpful for time crunched riders or people with irregular schedules.


Thanks! Passing along to the team.


Hi @IvyAudrain did this gather any traction?

How about having 2:1 instead of 3:1 week in plan builder.
This would be especially valuable during Build phase for those of us needing recovery more often.
Might be simpler to do than on demand.


Not a bad idea, but then you would have to create a whole lot of alternative plans:

Base: 5:1 (current SSB), 3:1, 2:1
Build: 3:1 (current sust. power), 2:1 and even 1:1 maybe?
Specialty: ???..

The result may be less user friendly with too many alternatives to choose from. I think teaching TrainNow to recognise the different needs of different training periods would be preferable: You set up a master plan for the year with macrocycles of base, build and specialty phases and TrainNow then gives you adequate workouts that suit the purpose of the training phase and take into consideration what you did last. You can then decide when to take a recovery week (or even half a recovery week) without messing up the whole training cycle.

The result may be less effective than the original TR plans though. For that reason, I would not mess with the default plans but rather add this as an alternative for those of us looking for or needing some more individual adjustments. Those who basically just don’t want to think about the particular workout they should do on that day.

Not sure you’d have to create a whole load of alternative plans as this could be implemented in plan builder. I’d imagine most people on plan builder will have quite different looking plans anyway. But the option to bring forward recovery weeks and move them around etc, is seriously lacking.

This is suppose to be adaptive training after all…

This. Assuming base is “fixed” at 12 weeks, PB “just” needs to know if you want to do 2 × 5+1 or 3 × 3+1 or 4 × 2+1.

Of course, I’ve just realised that in reality I’d want it to ask me if I want to extend base by 3 weeks if I’m doing 2+1s so I get the same 10 loading weeks as if I’d done 5+1s.

I’m glad I’m a user of this stuff and not a creator.

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TR already adjusts overall plan and individual block’s length based on time left until your A event.
TR already can update plan based on having a random insertion of a few days or week off.

So the basic building blocks are already there to allow a 2:1 vs 3:1 or heck let’s go wild: 10days block.


I think this is a great idea - there are times when either physically or mentally I need an easier week. Having the option to say “I need a recovery week” and plan builder to amend accordingly would be great

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I can report that something on the roadmap involves Plan Builder improvements that allow athletes greater customization options between work and rest. What this will look like is still being developed though, so I’m not sure what it will look like in terms of facilitating an entire recovery week as a feature, but it will include more customization of work and rest durations while staying compliant to overarching goals determined in Plan Builder.
I’ll be sure to make announcements on the Forum when they’re available about what that feature looks like.

One thing I do want to point out from a training standpoint: a solution for wanting a rest week we currently have in place is just to pick an endurance TrainNow workout as you go.
The benefit here is that you wouldn’t be stuck to the rigidity of an entire recovery week, where sometimes you just may need between one and three days of chill endurance before you’re ready to charge back into your normal workouts.

Adaptive Training can accommodate for all of this as well, where skipping or deleting your scheduled workouts and opting for an added endurance or recovery workout instead will elicit changes to your plan to address what was missed, while considering the workout you added.

Nonetheless, I’ll be sure to provide updates about the customization improvements of Plan Builder and if they would meet this specific request.


It’s good to know that AT already looks at what I skipped, modified and added.

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This would be great to have in TR. I would like to have the option when building a plan either 2:1 or 3:1.

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