Adding workouts to LV plans but via double days

After searching and some reading- people are adding to LV plans to supplement their workouts using MV as a guide, but I was wondering if this was the best case when doing double days still? The only way I can get those extra workouts in is early in the morning on the days I can train in the evening. So wanted to know if I simply just add in those extra workouts on the same day and see if I can handle it? Or is it better to do an easier one in the AM and the hard one in evening?

Before I would do the TR intervals in the morning and then a Zwift race in the evening- which worked as dependong on how tired I was, it was flexible, rather than trying to hit key numbers. However, that probably isn’t as good training compared to a structured workout.



Zwift has lots of different types of races as well as course. I would select an appropriate Zwift race as a replacement for the type of workout you have on the schedule. Flat course if you want to replace some threshold or sweet spot work. Punchy course if you want to do some VO2 efforts. Etc…

In the morning, do something easy like Taku, Lazy Mountain, Pettit -1. Then, after work, Zwift race.

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